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My Story

Growing up as a third generation remodeler I have many memories that enabled me grow to love my career. One of the earliest ones I can remember was on a construction site with my Dad where right off the bat I got a splinter in my hand. Being the good Dad that he is he told me to draw a circle around it and get it out on my own time. I can't remember exactly how the splinter came out but after getting several hundred more I began to realize what those splinters meant: the ability to create something out of nothing. Like all "construction dads" he encouraged me to go into any career that I could dream of; except construction. So naturally, that is where I ended up. There is something about the smell of wood, the sound of a skilsaw, and producing a product with my bare hands that fascinates me to this day, splinters and all!


After growing up in Tarrant County, I married and later had a son all while attending the University of Texas at Arlington. I needed a way to support my new family, so I turned to what my splintered hands knew; construction. It was during those 4 years of going through school that I worked for 3 different companies where I did roofing, construction, and built countertops. Not only did I learn some serious skills of the trade I also learned the inner workings of how a company operates. From estimating, to payroll, to invoicing, they all gave me the foundation I needed while the university solidified my knowledge in computers. Little did I know how valuable those years would be for when I started my own business.


After college I worked for my Dad's remodeling company where I expanded my knowledge base with sales and project management. After ten years of working with him I thought I had everything "mastered" except my one career dream; own my own business. And since my father always told me that I could have any career that I could dream of I decided to go ahead and start my own company, 360 Remodeling, LLC.


Construction and remodeling has been in my blood, as well as bits of splinters I never had time to get out, since before I knew this would be my career. I've watched and worked with some of the most highly regarded and reputable individuals in this industry that have helped me to grow and refine my craft, but that's not enough. I didn't want to stop at having an outstanding remodeling company that worked great for me, I also wanted a company that addressed the needs of the consumer on an even deeper level and worked great for them, which is a big priority at 360 Remodeling.


360 Remodeling is the culmination of decades of experience, coupled with an eagerness to improve the remodel process. We may be a small company but we provide big results! 

Our Mission

360 Remodeling is dedicated to providing 100% custom, superior residential remodeling services in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We build long term relationships with our customers based on honesty, dependability and integrity and hire only the most talented, responsible and mature tradesman who are dedicated to customer service and quality control. We guarantee your job with be completed on time and within budget, all the while treating your home, like our home.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier remodeling company in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex by building relationships, exceeding customer expectations and providing exceptional service.

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